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Race Hoglund, Fargo, Published May 25 2013

Letter: Increase liquor tax in both states

In response to the May 15 commentary “Liquor Tax Increase Disaster for Minnesota’s Border Cities” by Bob Leslie:

The liquor tax increase in Minnesota is a disaster for Minnesota’s border cities. I totally agree with this opinion. However, I think the tax on liquor should increase both in Minnesota and North Dakota.

Doing this would lower the underage drinking problem and cut down on minors-in-possession violations by putting alcohol out of youths’ price range. In fact, I know of a few teenagers who have been in trouble because of underage drinking, and they have received MIPs. It really bothers me to see people my age receiving MIPs, and I would like to prevent it from happening more often.

Taxing both states would also net the states more money and help our economies. Also, it would reduce the DUIs in both states. Some people would have to stop drinking since they won’t be able to afford it and it would force people not to get drunk as much for the same reason.

So increasing taxes in both states instead of just Minnesota would prevent the border disaster, improve the economy, and lower MIPs and DUIs.