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Jim Hanson, Fargo, Published May 25 2013

Letter: Moorhead councilman appears lost

It appears that Moorhead City Council member Mark Hintermeyer is completely lost. His comments in an article in the May 18 Forum, “Miffed by message: ND billboards meant to attract Minn. businesses and shoppers rile some in Moorhead,” sure makes it appear that way.

Has Hintermeyer ever heard of the word competition? Did he not play any sports or try out for any other competitive activities in his days in school? Doesn’t he understand that business, getting a job, winning in sports or living life to the fullest is all about trying your hardest and performing your best? To perform at your highest level, you need to employ all your skills and competitive advantages, not expect a referee or a politician or a coach to make it fair and even.

I guess if Hintermeyer were managing the Minnesota Twins and the team they were playing didn’t have a catcher with the skills of Joe Mauer, he would not play Joe. Of course in the liberal world of “fairness,” that would make sense.

In this area, most people know the name of Ron Offutt. His success speaks for itself. He is a graduate of Moorhead High School and Concordia College. I wonder if people like Hintermeyer ever wonder why Offutt lives in North Dakota and has his corporate offices there. I am certain that in Hintermeyer’s mind, it doesn’t have anything to do with taxes.

We all know that Offutt and other successful people like him donate substantial amounts of money to schools like Concordia, but the key word there is “donate,” as opposed to having a bunch of politicians “confiscate” the money through outrageous tax rates and then brag about how generous they are.

I have often been told how Minnesota pays much better workers’ compensation wages and unemployment benefits. Does any thinking person believe these “benefits” attract businesses to start in Minnesota? And do these policies attract the most desirable and productive employees?

I wonder if Hintermeyer is naïve enough to believe that without that sign, business owners can’t figure out how to increase their bottom line.

One more thing the business geniuses need to understand: A business is not started to create jobs. It is started to create a profit, which in the liberal world is a dirty word.

Do some research and you will find that states with the highest employment and fully balanced budgets have the lowest tax rates. Coincidence? I think not.