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Pryce Score, Kensington, Minn., Published May 24 2013

Letter: By any measure, Ayers is terrorist

I find it interesting that The Forum and some of your letter writers think it’s OK to have a domestic terrorist invited to lecture at Minnesota State University Moorhead. Even if he’s an “expert” in the field, one has to wonder if Bill Ayers uses his mental approach (anti-U.S., anti-capitalism, etc.) in his views on education. There should have been someone invited to debate his discussion, as long as he was allowed to be there.

Maybe you and your readers have forgotten that he bombed more than one location. The only reason he did not spend time in prison for his crimes is one of the technicalities involved in his investigation and arrest violated his rights, which were given by the Constitution of the “evil” country he was protesting against.

Did you realize that some of his fellow terrorists died when a bomb they were making exploded and killed them? Did you know that this bomb was meant to be used at a military dance so the targets were U.S. soldiers and their spouses, girlfriends, etc.? To me, this automatically takes away any use of public funds to have someone like the wonderful Ayers at a taxpayer-funded institution. My tax dollars are wasted enough without supporting an “unrepentant” terrorist.

Would you feel the same if an abortion clinic bomber were invited to speak at the university about a nonrelated issue?