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Published May 23 2013

Benshoof: In a summer pickle? Just ask: What would Bieber do?

We’re all probably tired of reading about him, but Justin Bieber is in the news again.

This time, the pop singer made headlines for reportedly making his house guests sign a confidentiality agreement about what goes on at his parties.

As odd as that is, and – at the risk of putting myself at the mercy of Bieber’s tween fans, the “Beliebers” – as bizarre as the 19-year-old’s behavior has been for the past few months, I think we can learn something from him.

What I mean is that, especially with summer getting going this weekend, Bieber’s behavior provides a nice little template on what or what not to do in certain situations.

Here are a few examples:

Traveling: Summer can be hot. And it’s even worse when we’re on the move during travel season. Sometimes, on a really hot day, you’d be forgiven if you wanted to just whip your shirt off to cool yourself down.

That happens to everyone else too, right?

Should you, then, give in to temptation to just go shirtless through, say, an airport, as Bieber did at a Poland airport in March?

No. You should never go shirtless through an airport, no matter how hot you are.

Seeing the sights: If you’re out and about being a tourist this summer, perhaps you’ll visit a piece of history.

Maybe you’ll head west to the Ft. Abraham Lincoln State Park south of Mandan, N.D., where Gen. George Custer once lived with his wife, Libbie.

Upon visiting this historical sight, should you sign the guestbook and leave a comment that’s, well, a little bit selfish, like Bieber did when he visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam in April?

He wrote: “Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”

Should I write: “George was a great guy. I hope that he would have been a fan of my columns”?

Yeah, probably not. At such sights, usually a bit of gravity and respect is a good idea.

Throwing a party: What’s summer without a great party? This is the time of the year when people just want to have a good time.

If you’re planning an elaborate shindig, should you make your guests sign a confidentiality agreement, as TMZ reported this week that Bieber is having his guests do?

The specific waiver states that his guests may participate in activities with risk of “minor injuries to catastrophic injuries, including death.”

What, exactly, is going on in that house?

Under threat of a $5 million lawsuit, guests signing the waiver must maintain strict confidentiality, the document states.

So should you do this for your own party? Actually, it’s not such a bad idea.

When people hear about your waiver, perhaps they’ll think that you’re throwing one of the wildest parties in the history of Fargo, and don’t want the details to get out.

Even if you and your buds are just watching an episode of “House Hunters International” on HGTV.

On this one, at least, the Biebs is spot on.

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