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Ally Simonson, Fargo, Published May 22 2013

Letter: In certain uses, B-word is OK

In response to the article “B-Word”:

I believe it’s OK to use the B-word if you’re using it in a way that’s not hurtful. Of course the person it’s being said to needs to know it’s being used in a positive way and not a negative, but as long as that person knows it’s being used in that way I think it’s OK to use it. It’s also OK if it’s being used in a way to describe oneself or as a greeting to a friend and not in a negative way that will start an argument or hurt someone’s feelings.

I could go to both sides of the argument. I don’t like the word because it can be used in a way to hurt someone’s feelings, or have a negative effect on someone. It can also be used in a good way. I and my friends use it in a joking way, but we all know no one is being serious about it. I don’t think people should be using it in public, though. I feel that if people use it in public, someone could be offended by it, or you could get looked upon differently by someone.

So, I believe the word can be used in certain places, with certain people, in a certain tone.