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Brianne Hoffman, Fargo, Published May 18 2013

Letter: Dog owners: be aware of runners

Last night (May 8) as I completed a short 3-mile run, I was bitten by a dog at the last two blocks left in my run. I came up on a woman with two small dogs on leashes – one on a small leash and one on a longer leash. As I made my presence known behind her, she tried to reel her dog in (on a long leash, at least 10 feet or more) but as I ran out on to the boulevard, near the street, to avoid it, the dog lunged at me and bit my leg. At first I didn’t realize how bad it had really gotten me, but I turned with a stern look and said “OUCH!”

The woman obviously felt bad. However, I kept running, not realizing it had bitten me badly as my legs were sore from my run already. Two blocks later, when I finished, I looked down and my leg was swelling, bruised and had multiple teeth marks.

Thankfully this small dog did not break the skin, more just a massive pinch. However, I attempted to walk back to the scene to see if I could locate the woman. I was unsuccessful in locating her.

I have this to say about the situation: Please, people, if you have a dog that you know bites, put it on a shorter leash. If I had been walking with my sons, I am fearful what the outcome would have been with this unfriendly dog and the long leash it was on.

We know our pets, we know how they react to others passing by. Please just be mindful of those passing, running, etc., and make sure you have your dogs close to you so nobody gets hurt. This could have been avoided, and I am so upset that had that woman just had a shorter leash on her dog, my leg wouldn’t be bruised and throbbing today.