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Frank Anderson, Fargo, Published May 17 2013

Letter: ND senators used common sense

As I read the opinions regarding the way North Dakota’s senators voted on the gun issue, I really scratch my head to learn what they did wrong. There was not one thing in that bill that would have stopped any of the recent shootings or ones in the past.

How would this vote have prevented the lawman from California from shooting fellow officers? If it’s children we want to save, look up on your own how many children drown in swimming pools each year under supervision. I can tell you the number is higher than those killed by guns.

Every new law creates more government because someone has to enforce the laws. If we want more government, create more laws. We have so many gun laws on the books now. Also, those who are likely to commit a crime with the use of a weapon will more likely than not purchase or get that weapon from a person on the street. Cities with the toughest gun laws have higher crime rates.

In California, if you have a concealed permit from other states, you still need to have your weapon in the trunk, and ammunition in the glove box. I am certain that all the gun-related murders in California went like this: Criminal says, “Citizen, stand there while I get my ammo out of the glove box and my pistol out of the trunk because I am going to kill you.”

The passion to do something should not be driven by emotion or fear but by common sense. Our senators used common sense.