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Joel Rovang, Moorhead, Published May 12 2013

Letter: We are bullied into submission

We have been bullied into submission by an agenda that ignores God’s law.

When we are born, we are born with some innate tendencies that are unique to each of us. If some of these tendencies run against man’s law, we need to suppress them or we end up in jail.

We have been told by our Legislature that God’s law is not important and we can ignore it. If we don’t agree, we are a homophobe and we hate the person. I love the person because I understand the struggle of human nature. We all have things that set us apart from God’s perfection, and he expects us to struggle with whatever that thing is and act according to his law, not our desires.

If you say that God is not important to you, then I ask you how you came to be. You were made, and it wasn’t you. When the first church refuses to perform a gay marriage, ends up in court, loses the battle financially and shutters its doors, you will begin to understand that it is more than just “freedom for everyone” as the front page of The Forum now declares. We have turned God-fearing people into “haters” and people who ignore God’s laws into innocent lambs.

I did not think that I would live to see that day when right was made to appear wrong and wrong would appear right.