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Fuller Sheldon, Mapleton, N.D., Published May 10 2013

Letter: Keep holding on to ’50s values

President Barack Obama refers uncomplimentarily to North Dakota’s abortion laws as better suited to the ’50s than ... whatever. In the ’50s, most households were supported by one income, people expected to provide for themselves and do without that for which they could not pay.

Public schools reinforced the family ideals, divorce was rare, and personal matters were discussed either around the supper table or even more privately than that. Illicit (and illegal) behavior experienced a certain amount of social pressure with the negative consequences dealt with quietly. We had a president with dignified, significant personal accomplishments and goals, and public officials viewed their responsibilities with honor and dignity rather than today’s guarantee of economic advantage and disproportionate influence.

So in these 60 years of increased expense and indebtedness, expectation and intrusion, and a complete evaporation of national credibility, how has all this government meddling improved society and the human condition?

Sure, all the techy gizmos make physical life easy, but most basics have been ignored while the attitude of entitlement pervades and erodes. Thanks, North Dakota, for encouraging us to recognize truth and behave a little bit morally.