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David A. Sola, Fargo , Published May 07 2013

Letter: Missing the boat on use of water

When will water be treated as an asset, not a liability here in the Red River Valley?

We must get rid of the water being drained into the Red River and its tributaries quickly. The Missouri River water must be good water, as we need that here for our growing needs. How will the aquifers be restored with tiling being installed?

All natural resources are assets, not liabilities. They should be taken care of with purposeful planning. We have the richest farmland and we continue to cement over it and provide spillways for water to the river.

I’ve heard the argument that it’s too expensive to build vertically as it does not give a good enough rate of return. Our soil will not withstand unless deeper structure is placed, some say. Is this greed?

We have abundance of land so let’s cement it and drain it. I assume micro planning trumps macro planning. The future costs will be enormous by continuing to modify the landscape of Mother Nature.

Did I miss the “boat” in my observations?