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Marie Pozarnsky, Carrington, N.D., Published May 05 2013

Letter: Shelterbelts vital part of our legacy

I look with nostalgia at the old farmsteads and shelterbelts disappearing from the landscape on the prairie.

I tell my family that the old houses need to go; take your picture and move on. But our shelterbelts are a living legacy. They were planted for soil conservation as their only purpose by a solitary-minded people, but we have enjoyed all of their benefits.

They have served as homes for birds and other wildlife, fruit for our tables, beauty for our souls and firewood for our campfires. They have also provided windbreaks for our homes and cleansing of our air.

When you take down that shelterbelt, consider calling the Soil Conservation Service to put trees and bushes elsewhere on your property. Adding trees or bushes to your home windbreak or creating an independent fruit garden with cherries, plums and apples will add to your enjoyment and bring wildlife into your yard.

We can preserve the legacy created by our ancestors and continue to benefit from their utility and beauty.