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Rev. Thomas Eaves, Barnesville, Minn., Published May 02 2013

Letter: God’s laws are always the same

Regarding Neil Schloesser’s letter in the March 31 Forum, he goes on about all the different interpretations of the Bible and how the pope and other clergy have different interpretations of God’s laws. He then throws in the idea many people have that all the different gods are actually the same god and this adds even more different interpretations of God’s laws.

He has the right evidence but comes to the wrong conclusion. God’s word, written in its original languages of Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, have always been constant and the same. It is only when people try to put it into our language and mold it into our beliefs that we get so many different interpretations and variations of God’s laws.

In its original language, the Bible tells us that there is only one God. The Bible also tells us that God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, which means that not only is he the same, but his laws are the same.

The Bible calls homosexuality sexually immoral. A group of atheists recently asked a pastor to explain what the Bible had to say about homosexuality. Even though they do not believe that the Bible has any authority like Christians do, they did agree that taken as a text and understood from just a literary standpoint that the Bible without a doubt says that same-sex marriage is wrong.