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Cynthia Spaeth, Kansas City, Mo., Published April 27 2013

Letter: ND senators show utter cowardice on gun vote

In a show of utter cowardice, both senators from North Dakota voted to ensure that known criminals, terrorists and those with certifiable mental illness have free and easy access to deadly weapons and as much ammunition as they wish to purchase.

Under current law, I cannot buy over-the-counter decongestant for my kids without producing a valid driver’s license that is recorded and tracked, yet I can purchase all the guns and ammunition I want under a fake name without any ID whatsoever as long as I do it on the Internet or at a gun show. So ridiculously lax are U.S. gun laws that al-Qaida actually advocates obtaining deadly weapons in the U.S. for terrorist operations. And North Dakota’s two senators are apparently determined to keep it that way. Shame on them. They know better but lack even the tiny bit of courage to support the 90 percent of the public – including longtime gun owners like my family – that want common-sense safety laws. They talk about our brave men and women in uniform, yet betray them daily by allowing known criminals easy access to weapons to mow them down. Shame on them!

The National Rifle Association used to care about gun safety – and supported universal background checks. Now it has shown that all it really cares about is pumping gun sales to whomever will buy. The NRA and every senator who blocks common sense safety legislation has innocent blood on their hands – and should be held accountable.