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By Larry McNamara, West Fargo, Published April 26 2013

Letter: Liberal resorts to name-calling

In response to “We’ll kick trashy legislation to the gutter where it belongs” (letter, April 22):

After reading Linda Thomas Anderson’s letter to the editor, I am always amazed at how liberals respond to people or issues that do not conform to their own beliefs. They always resort to name-calling (clueless, classless morons) and attacks (kick you and your trashy legislation to the gutter where it belongs) in an attempt to promote their agenda.

I am one of the clueless, classless morons Anderson refers to in her letter. I will share my beliefs with her and the ones she calls the brightest, strongest, smartest group of visionaries in North Dakota. I do believe I was brought to this earth by something more powerful and supreme than Anderson and me. Also, I believe we will be judged by our actions while we are on this Earth.