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By Dale Heger, Fargo, Published April 26 2013

Letter: Use surplus to pay for diversion

Why should we keep sandbagging year after year?

It’s time that Fargo just built that diversion once and for all instead of voting to raise our taxes on it and squabbling about it. For those who don’t want it, let them fend for themselves. What is Fargo waiting for? Are they waiting for Fargo to get as flooded as Grand Forks did so then the federal government would pay for it?

If I were President Barack Obama, I would tell Gov. Jack Dalrymple to use that surplus and build that diversion. The federal government can’t afford to do it.

With this surplus, why can’t our politicians take care of the people? What are they hoarding it for?

Minnesota went bankrupt, yet they can take care of their people. They are even raising minimum wage in their state. Yet North Dakota won’t do it despite enjoying a surplus.

If those in Bismarck can’t take care of the people, maybe it’s time we get rid of them and elect someone who will. Instead of fighting the flood year after year, let us use some of that surplus to build a diversion.

I’m not helping sandbagging because I’m sick and tired of it and nothing is done permanently to prevent any future floods. All the people of Fargo should join in and say no more sandbagging. Build that diversion and use our surplus to do that.