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By Rick Boyd, Detroit Lakes, Minn., Published April 26 2013

Letter: Heitkamp fails to understand role

Thank you for The Forum’s editorial (Sunday, April 21, “Not much courage in Senate”) regarding the negative votes by North Dakota’s senators in regard to background checks for gun ownership.

I have read Sen. Heidi Heitkamp’s, D-N.D., statement on why she voted “no” on background checks, and it seems to me that Heitkamp fails to understand her role as a United States senator.

When voting on national legislation, a senator must balance the state’s needs with the needs of the nation. There is no indication that Heitkamp balanced those two needs in her decision. Quite the contrary, Heitkamp talked about “undue burdens on law-abiding North Dakotans.” How does the senator reconcile her statement with the fact that 90 percent of Americans are in favor of these background checks?

Many children in Newton, Conn., were murdered, and the murders continue throughout the country, and the response of the two senators in North Dakota to these murders?

Their response is a bunch of platitudes and avoiding the real issues.