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Jeff Kolpack, Published April 25 2013

Moorhead man stunned after group's back-to-back aces

FARGO – Keith Falconer is making the return trip to Moorhead from Arizona this week with some unexpected baggage – a hole-in-one story that defies the odds of golf.

While playing in his league last Saturday at the Arizona Golf Resort in Mesa, he knocked his tee shot from 172 yards into the hole. The predictable celebration in his four-some greeted the shot.

The next and last player of the group, David George, then composed himself to hit his tee shot. It looked straight, Falconer remembers, but nobody really saw where it landed, mainly because everybody was still giddy over the ace.

“I thought maybe it went long,” Falconer said.

Not seeing the ball around the green, a thought hit Falconer as they approached the green. “No way both went in the cup,” he said. “Then we get up there, and there are two balls in the bottom of the cup.”

Back-to-back tee shots, two holes-in-one. The course professional said the odds were somewhere around 77 million-to-1.

The others in the group were Ron Krushe and Dick Shaw. All of the players except Falconer, who plays at Moorhead Country Club, call Arizona their home.

It was the toast of the golf league, which generally has about 45 to 55 players on the course. Falconer used a 3-iron for his ace and, George, a 2-iron.

It came on Hole 11, which has further significance for Falconer. His other career hole-in-one came on No. 11 at Moorhead Country Club.

“Eleven must be my lucky number,” he said.

The latest ace got Falconer $350, the result of league members each putting $5 in a pot. George wasn’t registered in the deal, so the question of who was going to buy the first hole-in-one round was easy.

“To see two holes-in-one on the same day in the same league would be something,” Falconer said. “But back-to-back? That’s unbelievable.”

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