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Joseph Landry, Fargo, Published April 25 2013

Letter: Christians’ resistance a sign of obedience to God

Lloyd Omdahl stated in an April 23 column that young people are less committed to the church and essentially leave and blame the defection on un-Christian behavior of religious leaders in dealing with matters related to abortion and same-sex marriage. Many get married and have children and come back for a variety of reasons.

It is doubtful the young do not commit to the church for reasons stated since Christianity is based on the bodily resurrection of its exclusive savior as actual history that cannot be changed. Also there is an accounting by the Almighty for how life is lived. Most people do not attend church to scrutinize the behavior of those who struggle, nor do they necessarily believe church leaders are un-Christian in conduct when dealing with the public imposition of issues such as same-sex marriage. As for Jesus and his “gentle demeanor,” well that is up for debate since a careful reading of the accounts indicate he was not always gentle, to say the least.

Omdahl writes,

“... Christians have tended to distort facts (what distorted facts?) and use as much inflammatory rhetoric as the secularists on the opposite side.” If the young leave the church because “inflammatory rhetoric” is a problem for them, then why embrace secularists’ camps, which use as much and plenty more inflammatory rhetoric?

If the church is full of hypocrites, there is always room for one more, and how big does one have to be to hide behind a hypocrite?

Sure Christians are divided over issues like same-sex marriage as they were divided over issues like slavery and women’s voting rights. The latter was turned down 9-0, and Dred Scott established slaves were non-Americans and property. These blunders were not church-related functions.

Our Declaration of Independence states our rights are derived from God and apply to all people everywhere. If rights and subsequent responsibilities derive from God, then that means they do not derive from men. We are all accountable to God and that includes those who hold political power. That means resistance to issues like same-sex marriage and abortion is obedience to God.