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Todd Gross, Fargo, Published April 23 2013

Letter: Senators’ critics are misinformed

The recent attack on our senators from North Dakota needs a rebuttal. If those progressives had done some research before condemning our legislators, they may have come to another conclusion.

The facts, according to www.1911talk.com, have shown that 6 million Americans had applied to buy guns in a recent year. Less than 2 percent (76,000) were denied.

Of those, the ATF referred 4,732 cases for prosecution. Of them, just 44 were prosecuted, and only 13 were punished for lying, or trying to buy a gun illegally. So, one can see that passing new laws is totally ineffective if our administration will not enforce the ones already on the books.

The letters of condemnation sent to The Forum would be better served if sent to the U.S. attorney general’s office. The problem lies in the office of Attorney General Eric Holder, not in the U.S. Senate.