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Jerry Jondahl, Fargo, Published April 23 2013

Letter: Look who paid for Sheyenne project

Reply to Richard L Roberts (letter, April 16):

Please look up Sheyenne Diversion in the West Fargo city website. Cost of your diversion: $27.8 million. Of that, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers covered $17 million. The state Water Commission covered $2 million, the North Dakota Department of Transportation, just over

$1 million. Local special assessments paid $7.5 million. Interest earned, $275,000. The last two are local monies. The rest came from federal and state taxpayers.

Also in the ’70s (not sure about the exact timing), homes north and west of Interstate 29 were having West Fargo bus kids to school from Fargo to West Fargo schools. Something about Fargo’s lack of funds to send buses, so West Fargo agreed with parents to bus kids to school. The mayor of West Fargo, a legislator at that time, went to the state for funding and they changed school district lines for funding from 19th Avenue North/Interstate 29 eastside to Main Avenue to follow Fiechtner Drive, to 13th Avenue South/I-29 to about 52nd Avenue South. All school district funds from taxes go to the West Fargo school district. Look it up.

All commercial properties – West Acres, hotels, motels, restaurants and industrial parks – pay school district funds to West Fargo but are in the city of Fargo. So please do some quick fact checking before you get upset. Also, if we fail in Fargo like Grand Forks did in 1997, the water will go to Casselton before it stops – like a glass of water on a table top.