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George Sinner, Fargo, Published April 22 2013

Letter: Carlson defies common sense

I live in Oak Creek in Fargo. I’ve helped fight floods here since 1993, as have all of the people here. We will do it again this year.

Rep. Al Carlson, R-Fargo, is from this District 41. He has, for reasons that defy any rational understanding, done his best to prevent the Legislature from giving Fargo help in our struggle to alleviate these all-too-frequent challenges.

Over and over again, Carlson has thrown up roadblocks to stop aid to Fargo.

What on earth is his game? Why is he doing this? Why does he try to stop any effort that helps us in this difficult struggle?

As nearly as I can tell, other Fargo legislators have been strong in supporting aid to other areas of the state needing help, and have been applauded by those areas. But what is Carlson up to? Why does he want to stab even his own people in the back?

Dealing with the magnitude of these flood problems would test the wisdom of Solomon, but the city has tried hard to spend dollars in ways that bring long-term relief, wherever possible.

We don’t need a man like Carlson sabotaging every effort to bring us help. Maybe everyone who throws a sandbag this year should think of Al Carlson.

Sinner was governor of North Dakota, 1985-1992.