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Tom R. Kovach, Nevis, Minn., Published April 22 2013

Letter: President is the shameful one

When President Barack Obama did not get enough votes to pass the latest gun control measure in the Senate, he came out swinging in rage, accusing the Senate of being shameful and accusing the gun lobby of being liars. No, Mr. President, you are the shameful one, exploiting a tragic event by parading around the families of the victims of horrible shootings.

Like other far-left, anti-gun advocates, Obama jumps at the opportunity to use senseless murders by deranged and evil people to his own advantage in pushing his anti-gun agenda. It’s not the gun lobby that lies, it is the president. He has a real problem with the truth.

Make no mistake, no matter what this man (Obama) says, he has one goal: the confiscation of all guns in America. All he needs is a foot in the door.