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Bob Lind, Published April 21 2013

Lind: Grandfather gives scammer a shock

It’s a common scam these days: You get a phone call from someone who says a relative is in jail and you need to send money to get that person out. Of course, it’s not true.

Arnold Strom, Moorhead, got such a call recently.

The caller said Arnie’s grandson was in jail and Arnie should send $150 to spring him.

How did Arnie handle it?

“Nah,” he told the caller. “My grandson is no good and never has been,” and hung up.

Neighbors would love to have seen the look on that scammer’s face when he heard that.

Way to go, Arnie.

And by the way, his grandson actually is a good kid.

Remembering Watkins

Neighbors has carried several items about the old Dakota Business College in Fargo, its penmanship classes and F. Leland Watkins, the college’s founder.

Bill Treumann, St. Paul, writes that while he doesn’t recall all the details, “When my first wife Genevieve died in 1946, I complied with advice I was given to hire Watkins to hand-write individual notices of some sort concerning her death. In retrospect, it is surprising that he was available, for he must have been wealthy by that time.

“Watkins insisted a proper business letter should show respect for the intended recipient by being written in beautiful handwriting,” Bill says. “I wonder how long it was before students at DBC were taught to type?

“It is surprising that as late as 1952 he was writing come-ons to new high school graduates. He must have been about 90 then.”

Close to it. Watkins was almost 89 and still serving as president of DBC when he died in 1958.

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