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Laree Balvitsch, Fargo, Published April 19 2013

Letter: Disappointed by Forum’s failure

I want to express my deepest disappointment in The Forum for completely missing any footage whatsoever on the Run 4 Change race that occurred on April 6.

The family and friends of the Deutscher family were able to organize a fabulous race event in just a manner of a few months to commemorate their loved ones who lost their lives in July 2012 because of a drunken driver. That tragedy affected everyone in the region and then some. The loss of that young family was nothing but tragic. It hit so close to home too. Most of us travel I-94 frequently, and it could have so easily been any one of us with our family instead.

I never met the Deutschers myself. I ran in that race because I felt like it’s the only thing that I could have done in response to such a tragedy. What a great cause, too, that the race contributed to: education and training to bartenders and servers to be better aware of the potential drunken drivers and what they can do to make a difference.

On April 7, I searched high and low in the paper for what kind of awesome story would be written about the race. To my dismay, nothing! Not a word. You missed the bullet on this one. How could this have been missed? I heard that the person in charge at The Forum “forgot” about it. Are you kidding me? That is terrible!

Didn’t The Forum sponsor this event? And didn’t Allison Deutscher work for The Forum for, like, a decade? That’s the saddest part about this all. It feels like The Forum has forgotten about her.

I’m not sure what you plan on doing to make up for your huge mistake. In honor of your former employee, the loved ones of this young family, and everyone else in the area who can’t stop thinking about this sad incident: It had better be good!