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Ed Hongess, West Fargo, Published April 19 2013

Letter: Tell Ed Schultz to take it elsewhere

Please, tell Ed Schultz to take his agenda and go represent some other state. If it weren’t for someone to help, the whole town may flood, or doesn’t he remember what happened in Grand Forks?

I suppose he would prefer the town to flood so he could get involved in the “blame game” to follow so as to further his public persona. Oh, what they won’t do to further their careers.

I listened to the broadcast and his voice sounded so gravelly, it sounded like he was drunk or hung-over. But, of course, he had to have been drunk to come up with such stupid comments as he made. I find it humiliating, to say he came out of this area and is now representing the state of North Dakota on a national level. I really do pray that his tenure won’t be for much longer.

In 1969, I, too, fought the flood on the Sheyenne River in West Fargo, and it was to help my fellow human beings fight back a looming disaster. Something I am now assured Ed Schultz would never do. Have a nice day, Ed, and let us fight the flood in peace and quiet. without any help from you. PLEEEEEEEEEEASE.