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Adam Kemp, Williston, N.D., Published April 19 2013

Letter: Legislators short Oil Patch funding

Dear state legislators who have made the cruel decision to rip oil impact funding from our infrastructure, hospitals and schools – our children, families and future:

Next time someone is killed because of poorly maintained infrastructure or overly crowded roadways, their blood is on your hands. Next time someone is killed because of inadequate health care facilities, it is another life whose weight will be upon your shoulders. Next time a student is forced to drop out because he is unable to learn in the overcrowded and underfunded environment of our local schools, it is his or her future that you have mutilated.

Just because you have come to see our communities as checking accounts rather than the homes to thousands of people that they are, does not make you any less guilty for the death and destruction that our communities now face. Because what the majority of this funding comes down to is basic safety. Safe roads. Safe schools. Safe health care.

So for the fate of all the families and children, I hope you make the decision to give the West what it deserves. We will not be reduced to groveling for spare change. We have gifted our state with its current surplus, and it is now time for you to consider our problems seriously.