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Jim Hanson, Fargo, Published April 19 2013

Letter: To voter ID whiners: Grow up!

I have often wondered what it is about showing an ID and proving you are voting in the right place and indeed have the PRIVILEGE to vote scares people like Vicki Voldal Rosenau (letter, April 15).

I hear the cry of voter suppression when the proper stewards of our laws and government vote to have an identification required. I have never heard of exclusions to showing the identification. I haven’t heard an age limit, a certain religion, or a certain race being excluded from showing a proper identification. It can’t be cost because one will be provided for people who can’t afford one.

This leads me to believe that these folks don’t like the inconvenience of having to carry that heavy, cumbersome ID to the polling place. Voldal Rosenau must not ever intend on drawing Social Security because I will guarantee you she will not only need an ID, she will need the dreaded birth certificate. Oh how inconvenient. I imagine we should waive those laws as well, although I wouldn’t want someone drawing Social Security in my name after I paid into it for 45 years.

I wonder how inconvenient it was for our young men and women to put their lives on hold and go to Europe, the Philippines, Vietnam, Iraq, and the list goes on. I think if you asked the majority of these people watching friends die, getting wounded, having absolutely no say in where you would be sent to serve, and leaving behind families and careers was a little bit inconvenient, but they did it.

To hear these spoiled-rotten rants about proving you are eligible to exercise such a precious right many have fought for and far too many have died for makes me sick.

Grow up, people, and begin to realize just a little what being a U.S. citizen is and the “inconvenience and sacrifice” many went through for you to have the right to such an assinine complaint.

Grow up and thank God you are an American. Rep. Jim Kasper, R-Fargo, is 100 percent correct in his actions, and I, for one, thank him.