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Claudia and Larry Loll, Battle Lake, Minn., Published April 17 2013

Letter: Rooftop bazooka next for nation?

A year ago we had the pleasure of visiting our grandson’s new school in Delaware. We were especially impressed with the library, which was straight ahead when one entered the lobby. There were large glass windows so you could look right into the library and then look beyond to the outdoors. We commented to Matthew what a good-looking library it was. His reply caught us off guard: “Yes, but Nana and Papa, there’s no place to hide.”

What has this country come to, that a first-grader has to worry about where he will hide if a gunman comes into his school? But of course the NRA doesn’t want grown-ups “inconvenienced” by background checks. They also think that assault weapons, which are meant strictly for killing people, must be allowed because of the Second Amendment. (Let us remember that at the time the Second Amendment was written, there were only black powder muskets.)

If the ban on assault weapons had not been allowed to expire, the mass shooting in Aurora, Colo., and the tragedy in Newtown, Conn., would not have happened. How many more thousands will be killed before we come to our senses?

What will the NRA leadership demand that people be allowed to own next – bazookas for rooftops? Cannons in our front yards?