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Published April 16 2013

Forum editorial: In time, we’ll know who did it

As the investigation into the Boston Marathon bombings unfolds, this much is clear: The resources brought to bear on the effort to find the culprit(s) and determine motivation for the outrage are considerable and formidable. In time, and at this point no one knows how much time, the nation will learn the how and why and who of the crime. Justice will be served.

Meanwhile, the initial actions of first responders – both official and people on the street in Boston – were remarkable. Certainly there was an element of panic as the two bombs exploded. But in very short order, a sense of purpose seemed to grab police, marathon officials and many of the people assembled to watch the finish of the iconic race. They moved with alacrity and determination to help the injured and clear paths for professional first responders. In the face of not knowing if more bombs were in the square, they did what needed to be done.

The focus and commitment to help that were on display while smoke was still wafting across the horrific scene will be carried forward into the multifaceted investigation. It’s already evident in the collaboration of law enforcement agencies representing all levels of officialdom. The interjurisdictional cooperation, which is essential in investigating a crime of such magnitude, will be vital to solving it.

At this point – and the situation is changing hourly – the investigation has not identified suspects. No links to foreign or domestic terrorists or terrorist organizations have been revealed, if, indeed, any have been discovered. But rest assured, the perpetrator or perpetrators of this outrage will not escape.

There is no way to make easier the awful reality the nation witnessed Monday. Emotions are running the gamut from sorrow to anger, from resignation to revenge, from prayer to “why?” And as the nation’s best in law enforcement do their work, our only solace, insufficient as it must be, is that they will get the job done.

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