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Bob Lind, Published April 15 2013

Lind: Columnist Lubenow made lasting impression on former classmate

Longtime readers of The Forum will never forget columnist Wayne Lubenow. Reading his folksy column was an everyday must.

Wayne, who died in 1991, was a native of Northwood, N.D., where one of his schoolmates was Eldoris Hanson.

Eldoris, now of Lake Park, Minn., told her son Rick Hanson, also of Lake Park, of her memory of Wayne. Rick passed it on to Neighbors.

“I can still picture Wayne walking into the school assembly room carrying his books,” Eldoris said.

Wayne then was a senior, while Eldoris was a freshman and her future husband, Duane Hanson, was a junior.

So Wayne was making a lasting impression even in high school.

Back to the hack

Memories of the horse-drawn vehicles nicknamed “hacks” continue to come in.

“When I was a little girl in about the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade in the late ’30s or early ’40s,” Shirley Nappe, of Glyndon, Minn., writes, “I went to school in Waubun, Minn., and I rode the ‘Kelly’ bus.

“It was a wood bus with few windows and had those heaters for the feet with some coal inside for the bigger kids. We little ones sat on the big boys’ laps as the bus was crowded.

“The horses pulled it all the way to school and home; I imagine about six miles or so.”

It was called the Kelly bus because a man named Kelly owned it, using it to haul kids every winter. Shirley says she never heard it being called a hack.

Renee Buckman, of Moorhead, says her mother and her mother’s siblings attended a country school near Osgood, N.D., and they all rode there in a hack driven by their brother Art Carlson.

Renee’s mother and her sisters are in their 90s. They were the Carlson girls.

Her mother is Esther Bernardy, 95, of Moorhead.

Esther’s sisters are Eva Snuff, who turns 98 this month, Merced, Calif.; Evelyn Smith, 92, Shefield Lake, Ohio; and Ellen Simons, 90, Seattle.

Renee says the Carlson farm at Osgood now is the site of a housing development.

So there are two more memories of the old school buses. Many more are in the works.

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