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Richard L. Roberts, West Fargo, Published April 15 2013

Letter: Who pays freight for the diversion?

Please, someone explain to me why West Fargo property owners will be required to pay property tax for the Fargo diversion?

Were Fargo property owners assessed taxes on their property for the now-paid West Fargo diversion? Of course not.

I have never heard our West Fargo mayor or any West Fargo commissioner discuss this or state that West Fargo property owners should be exempt from property assessment for the Fargo diversion. Also, I am disappointed in both political party state politicians for not protecting West Fargo taxpayers. There should be North Dakota legislation exempting West Fargo taxpayers from Fargo diversion assessments on West Fargo property.

If you like high property taxes and want to pay for the Fargo diversion, do nothing. Remember, the West Fargo School District absorbs 40 percent of our taxes; they now want a new $5 million aquatic center, the city wants a new water treatment plant, plus the population expansion in West Fargo costs the taxpayer for water lines, sewer lines, roads and other infrastructure. Your taxes are going up and up. So much for local control.

I urge you to call the West Fargo mayor or commissioners and also your state representatives and senators and demand an exemption from paying for the Fargo diversion. Remember, West Fargo has its diversion paid for. Now Fargo can pay for its diversion.