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Fuller Sheldon, Mapleton, N.D., Published April 14 2013

Fargo AirSho situation is a greater tragedy

The real tragedy regarding the viability of Fargo AirSho 2013 is not only the spiteful grounding of the Blue Angels, the premier draw of any air show, but the forever loss of the incomparable Bob Odegaard.

Not only will the deafening roar of the precision diamond formations be silenced, at least until prudence and integrity reinhabit the White House, but the reverent whisper of that magnificent Shrike, rolling over on her back, honoring Bob Hoover’s delicate touch, quietly rolling to a perfectly timed stop, with neither power nor brakes, right at the announcer’s stand, within arm’s reach of the announcer, and the perpetually pleasant precision pilot waving easily to the assembled throng. Just check out YouTube for the plethora of sights and sounds you’ll never hear again. If only money could bring them back.

The Fargo Air Museum is a jewel in the local tiara; we had quite a time at the recent fundraiser, and the Beck-Odegaard wing of the museum will be built to further promote aviation and honor those two amazing airmen.

So, with or without the petulant selfishness of the current issue of national authority, Fargo will proceed to distinguish itself in the Blue Angels’ regard and will one day again be the favorite show on their considerable itinerary. Meanwhile, cheer on the AirSho team, visit the museum and celebrate your relationships.