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By Charly Haley chaley@forumcomm.com, Published April 14 2013

It's My Job: Woman enjoys being part of Fargodome’s event staff

FARGO – If you’ve been to a game or a show at the Fargodome, maybe you’ve run into Denise Anderson.

The 55-year-old Moorhead resident has been on the Fargodome’s event staff since just after it opened in 1992.

What do you do as event staff?

Tickets, and then also usher people to their seats during shows or concerts. We kind of do a lot of things – answering questions from people, getting them directed to the right people or where they need to go.

You do this part time, in addition to your full-time job at U.S. Bank?

Yes. (As event staff) we can choose what we want to work. We call in every other Tuesday and they tell us the schedule for the next couple of weeks. So, it works pretty good that way. It’s a fun job.

What made you decide to take this job?

I just like people, and we get to see the shows. There’s football and rodeos and the circus. There are kids’ shows and the ice shows. And we get to see them free.

What has been your favorite event?

I love the Bison games. And concerts – there’s been so many. Garth Brooks, he sold out four shows in a row, so I think I worked three of them and went to one, because I wanted to literally watch the show, too – because we can’t always really watch the show but we can glance over, and then we’re in there so we hear it and see it most of the time.

One time, for Bruce Springsteen, I totally did something different. We were downstairs with the catering, so we helped – I didn’t prepare his meals, he had his own – but we helped do stuff and do the dishes.

It’s unbelievable how these stars have people that make their food in here, and they have other people who just constantly wash dishes. They get breakfast, lunch – as soon as the breakfast is done, they start lunch, and they’re almost starting supper after that, and it’s constantly washing dishes and cleaning off tables.

That was one thing that I’d never done, and that was a lot of work.

Have you met anyone interesting while working here?

I’ve met so many different people. With the small towns, like when we have the Class B basketball tournaments, oh my gosh, those people just love coming to Fargo. It’s a huge city for them and there are many, many nice people. They always say how they like coming here.

You just get to meet all kinds of different people at different events. When you’ve got the Disney shows on ice or any of those kids’ shows, you get the kids in here, and they’re just a hoot to watch.

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