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Roger M. Johnson, Fargo, Published April 13 2013

Letter: Any obligation to the children?

I wonder if Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, D-N.D., and others feel like they have any moral obligation to all the kids they are endorsing to be adopted by same-sex couples?

I know one of their asinine arguments to this is how bad some kids have it in heterosexual relationships. Well, who’s endorsing that? But now Heitkamp wants to legalize and endorse a situation where more kids are not raised under ideal circumstances.

My wife and I are visiting family: two females in a relationship with a 4-year-old boy. When I arrived, the boy started copying everything I did. My wife said he’s like this when a male comes around. This is a sad situation where the boy doesn’t have male influence in his life like he should have, but it wasn’t planned that way like you would be intentionally planning in same-sex marriage. While the two females I’m visiting are mother and daughter taking care of the daughter’s boy, the negative impact for the boy would be no different if this were two females married.

Even though I’m Christian, I don’t need the Bible to be against same-sex marriage; common sense is good enough. If I had the space, I’d refute the asinine argument for gay marriage by Heitkamp’s brother Joel: If you are old (let’s say 100 years old) and getting married as a heterosexual couple, you can’t have kids either.

Today the kids were more important to address than the rights of adult same-sex couples who under no circumstance will have kids biologically between them.

Sorry I have to go – the boy wants my attention.