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Richard Peterson, Moorhead, Published April 09 2013

Letter: North Dakota redefines ‘person’

“Life begins at conception.” Amazing! The sperm who swims faster than a million others, in spite of none of them being alive, meets an egg that is also not alive, and life begins.

But only in North Dakota and Kansas. And when a pregnant woman drives across the bridge from Moorhead to Fargo, the fetus within her body becomes a “person.” But it loses that “personhood” when she drives out of the state.

So when do you start testing every woman of childbearing age twice a month so you can protect the “right to life” of that “person,” and keep the woman from terminating the pregnancy? Will there be checkpoints at the border? Doesn’t the child of a woman able to travel enjoy the same right to life as a woman of lesser means? Will the state pay for the pregnancy tests? How big will the state government grow with the bureaucracy needed to keep track of all the pregnant women and hire the border guards?

North Dakota has decided what to do with its budget surplus. Waste money defending this law in the courts, and administering it in some way. But it can’t provide schoolchildren with milk. It doesn’t make any sense. But it doesn’t have to, since it’s a religious matter. If religion made sense, it wouldn’t require faith.