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M.L. Huber, New Rockford, N.D., Published April 09 2013

Letter: We must respect the old and young

In response to Jack Zaleski’s retort (column, April 7) to trends in ratings for TV news wars in North Dakota:

I take issue with the allusion he made to young people not being “attentive” viewers of news and so therefore should rather be sidelined by the older, more seasoned among us who, in his view, seem to deserve more respect and are inherently more valuable. As a late 20-something preparing to accept the inevitability of losing my “young” title, I’ve worked hard to be informed.

Moreover, I’ve also strived to be as fair as possible when those older than me feel the need to remind me of just how stupid I am to them when I don’t agree or ask questions, when I would rather something be clarified instead of trying to assume I understand what they meant. When I show them the respect that they deserve, it is disconcerting to not receive the same treatment in turn. What’s at issue here is not ratings but manners.

KVLY has decided to use a more modern style of broadcast (used throughout the country) while WDAY has elected to remain more traditional, and there is nothing wrong with either.

The Twitter generation isn’t stupid or uninformed just because we don’t get our news from a TV (we are connected to information), and the “old” generation isn’t useless because they value hard work and face-to-face discussion instead of tweeting from a smartphone.

Neither side has a right to critique. It would behoove both to grow up just a little bit and stop being belittled by technology or wisdom from the other.