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Ross Nelson, Casselton, Published April 08 2013

Letter: Davis not a true conservative

Thrice Alan Davis in his April 3 rant about North Dakota legislators wanting to devour women refers to himself as a real or true conservative. I knew conservatism. Alan, you’re no conservative. The mystery is why you wish to call yourself one.

Conservatives outside of neocons actually have minds, for one thing. They understand that from the moment of conception there is a human life, not a prospective oak tree or a frog. They also understand that an unborn life is not part of the woman’s body but is a genetically distinct organism, thus undercutting one of the pro-abortion rights activists’ most illogical chants. And the fetus’s utter dependence on the woman’s body no more makes it a part of her than its dependence on her after its birth.

The real question is when does this human life become a person, with all the rights and responsibilities thereof? We don’t treat miscarriages, as sorrowful as they can be, the same as a child who dies in an accident. But this is a separate point from the usual unthinking responses about whether the conceived life is human, or just another organ in the woman’s body.