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Nancy Kvittum, Fargo, Published April 07 2013

Letter: An improper use of government

The Republican majority in the legislative assembly has used its power to act as a bully by passing laws that attempt to destroy a woman’s right to make a medical decision involving her own body in consultation with her doctor and in promulgating a constitutional amendment that would have the effect of outlawing many forms of birth control that might prevent the need for an abortion. I don’t think this was what voters wanted when they voted Republican in the last election.

Abortion has become a volatile issue that arouses strong feelings. I strongly support the right of religious groups to teach that it’s morally wrong to use abortion as a form of birth control, but I just as strongly oppose their desire to impose that belief on others by intimidating and threatening doctors so that they are afraid to perform abortions and using the law to enforce their particular values on others.

Each decision to seek an abortion is a wrenching choice for any woman, and each situation is unique. I do not believe that the government should be involved in that decision!

As a lifelong resident of North Dakota (except for my college years), I abhor this use of government to exert power over a woman’s control of her own body, and I am deeply ashamed of a Legislature that chooses to spend our tax revenue to fight in court to defend laws that are clearly unconstitutional instead of using that revenue to improve the lives of the people already alive in North Dakota.