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Robert Noel, Moorhead, Published April 06 2013

Letter: Slanted Forum earns the spurge

I find it ironic that The Forum’s editors gave its weekly “prairie roses” to “North Dakotans and others who have been hip-deep in a raucous and emotional debate over abortion laws.” What I have been reading in The Forum’s opinion pages has not really resembled a debate but has looked much more like a self-righteous and haranguing monologue, courtesy of The Forum’s editors.

The editors have stacked the editorial page with lopsided pro-abortion rights letters, choosing to turn its own editorial column into a pulpit of propaganda. The Forum set good editorial journalism aside on this issue and decided instead to default to some good old-fashioned name- calling, attempting to characterize North Dakota legislators in ways that reflect the biases of The Forum’s editors, rather than the true character and conscience of the lawmakers involved.

Perhaps in the future, regarding this controversial and emotional issue, The Forum’s editors could be a little more responsible, acknowledging that there are two sides to this debate. Perhaps The Forum could even make an honest concession that there are good people out there, some of them lawmakers, whose conscience simply won’t allow them to sit by idly as we lose a kindergarten class every Wednesday in downtown Fargo.

So, Forum, this week, you get my “leafy spurge.”