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Jennifer Silverman, West Fargo, Published April 05 2013

Letter: No one has right to kill a baby

I was reflecting today on the many people I hear complaining that North Dakota is taking away women’s rights. I would like to hear what women who have come here from the Mideast think of that.

Women in many Mideast countries do not have the right to drive a car or even go to the store without their husband, brother or father accompanying them. Women in these countries often can’t go to school or vote, and are considered little more than property. Here in North Dakota, women are afraid of losing their rights. Their rights to what? Kill babies?

Right now, there is a man on trial in Philadelphia for killing seven newborn babies with a scissors. If he had killed them in the womb moments earlier, he wouldn’t be getting charged with those murders. How does that make sense? Why does anyone feel like they have a “right” to kill a baby?

Getting pregnant does not mean you have a right to kill; it means you have a responsibility.