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Donald K. Johnson, Fargo, Published April 04 2013

Letter: NRA’s priority isn’t gun owners

The National Rifle Association, while purporting to represent gun owners, actually is in cahoots with gun-makers to whom the bottom line far outweighs the safety of the nation’s citizenry in importance.

Mandatory background checks in an effort to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and people with serious mental problems seem like no-brainers. But to the NRA, even these modest gestures toward reining in violent crime is a threat to gun owners, the overwhelming majority of whom admittedly use their guns responsibly.

The NRA tries to convince their membership and society in general that if they “cave in” on these issues, then surely the next step is that law enforcement will come knocking on their doors to confiscate all their guns. It is sad that so many people believe this nonsense. It is even sadder that so many politicians cringe at the very thought of upsetting the NRA and fail to do what needs to be done. They are more concerned with avoiding that organization’s wrath and getting re-elected than with doing the people’s business. This concern is bogus anyway because polls show that most people support this legislation.