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Dave Wallis, Published April 04 2013

VIDEO: Watch as Japanese quail eggs hatch in Fargo classroom

Third-grade students at Washington Elementary School in Fargo gather around an incubator containing 9 Japanese quail eggs and a plastic container that has three live hatched young ones.

The quails have a 17-day incubation period as compared to chickens who take 21 days. The quails will be part of a breeding colony at North Dakota State University and will lay eggs of their own in about a year.

The chicks develop wing feathers within a couple of days. They will get to be about the size of a very small robin.

The students named one of them "Harry" because the feathers were sticking out of the egg. Another one was named "Pecky" because it was so determined to peck its way out of the shell and another was named "Peepy" because it was so noisy.

Teacher Lorinda Semanko says she has incubated chickens the past five years and that this was the second time she has tried quail in the classroom for all the students to watch.