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Genevieve Tougas, Fargo, Published April 03 2013

Letter: It’s not a decision about her body

No amount of verbiage is going to change the minds of people for or against abortion. However, some of their arguments lack merit. That women can’t decide what to do with their bodies may be valid, but it’s also inaccurate. It might be argued that prostitution, drug use, alcohol abuse or smoking might be legal activities because a woman has the right to decide what to do with her body, and any restrictions would be unconstitutional. Action against an unborn child is not a decision made about her body but of that of another person. Alcohol and smoking may be harmful to self and others, but abortion is definitely harmful to a defenseless human being. Would we not try to stop a woman from committing suicide if other avenues of help were available to her?

To rename North Dakota “West Vatican” sounds almost like a prejudicial slur against one particular religion. So true that a bigot’s mind is like the pupil of an eye – the more light you put into it, the tighter it becomes closed.

Lastly, among the millions of women who have undergone abortions, there must be some men who surrendered their rights to becoming a father. Certainly, we haven’t become a nation where the idea of child support for an unwanted child allows a male to abandon his responsibilities, or rob him of any involvement in the procreation process other than a few moments of sensual pleasure.

Is the idea of limited abortion so distasteful that legal costs become a high priority in deciding morality? The unwanted and unloved will always be with us, but that doesn’t justify the destruction of the innocent.