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Douglas VanderMeulen, Fargo, Published April 03 2013

Letter: Modern science illuminates right

It is curious to read and hear the continuous refrain from the pro-abortion community that North Dakota’s new pro-life laws are going to return our state to the 1950s or something to that effect. Incredibly, in its editorial of March 27, The Forum characterized these new laws as “anti-medical science legislation.” Maybe, just maybe, it was possible in the 1970s to truly believe we did not know that life began at conception.

Certainly, in the days of the court decision of Roe v. Wade, science and technology were not where they are today. However, since then there have been considerable advancements in both science and technology. For example, today real-time video and 3-D ultrasound images reveal the profound wonder of human life at its earliest stages in a woman’s womb, not to mention countless other advancements. It is not the pro-life laws that are forcing us to live in the ignorance of yesteryear.

On the contrary, it is the pro-abortion community that is insisting we continue to live in the darkness of last century’s science and technology. It is the pro-abortion community that wants our laws to be written according to the medical data available to us when we listened to our music on eight-track and cassette tape players. It is the pro-abortion community that wants us to continue to subjugate women by limiting their choices by the information available to them in the 1970s.

I thank legislators and the governor for being freethinking enough to modify our state’s laws in light of modern science and technology.

VanderMeulen is pastor, Community Baptist Church, Fargo.