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Roland Riemers, Grand Forks, Published April 02 2013

Letter: Abortion bills require referral

Listening to the current effort of the North Dakota Legislature to ban all abortions and give civil rights as soon as the sperm hits the egg makes me believe they are more concerned with their own personal religious beliefs than upholding our Constitution. What’s next, civil rights for sperm?

And while the courts might eventually overturn them all, judges can also be zealots. It is about time the voters of North Dakota put these legislative zealots in their place by referring and defeating these draconian laws. I would work to help any such referral effort. The next step should be an effort to remove all these zealots from public office.

And no, this is not a matter of just protecting human life. Most of these zealots really couldn’t care less about adult human life. For example, before Roe v. Wade, more than 4,000 American women a year lost their lives from illegal abortions. Nor was it unheard of before Roe for pro-life hospitals to deny life-saving post-abortion care to dying women in order to set an example to others who would question their anti-abortion doctrine. Is this the good old days we want to return to?

And as for being a basic Christian belief, if Jesus had really believed in life at fertilization, would he not have mentioned it someplace in the Bible? After all, abortion and even dumping unwanted live babies in public sewers was not uncommon during the time of Jesus.

Riemers is North Dakota Libertarian chairman.