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Jonn Paul, Fargo, Published April 02 2013

Letter: Christian views must be tolerated

As an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, my heart appeals for the “toleration” so frequently boasted about in society. We are not hard to understand. For us, Scripture classifies our Lord Jesus as a “child” while still in Mary’s womb (Matthew 1:20). John the Baptist “leaped” and was “filled with the Spirit” inside Elizabeth (Luke 1:15-45). Jacob and Esau were “two nations” struggling while in Rebekah (Genesis 25:23). And, Israel sundry laws proposed that a man who struck a pregnant woman causing death to the child be penalized “life for life” (Exodus 21:22-23). I could go on.

One glimpse of the body, head, hands and feet of a

“6-week-old” discarded in a laboratory tray convinces many of what God and his word have always affirmed: that which is in the womb is alive and a gift from God. Strangely, pictures of that aftermath, though readily available, aren’t so proudly displayed. Ever wonder why? Google them sometime; it might help you to understand and perhaps tolerate our view.

Disagree? OK, this is a free country. But to those suddenly embarrassed to be from North Dakota, please recognize some are also quite proud. I am surprised Americans who are devout in their faith and loyal to Jesus Christ must be mocked, spat upon, scourged and verbally crucified for supporting what they believe in their hearts to be right. On the other hand, considering John 15:20, I am not surprised.