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Donna Gibb, Fargo, Published March 31 2013

Letter: They want to keep us women in the kitchen

I am so embarrassed to live in North Dakota right now. What is this? I don’t think that I could ever get an abortion, but I don’t know the circumstances surrounding other women in North Dakota, so I wouldn’t think it was right to make the decision for them. I am so stunned by this whole issue that I’m not sure how to express myself properly, but I’m going to try.

So, forcing a woman to have an unwanted child does what? Isn’t this just a way to open up more cases of child abuse and neglect? I think that abortion as a form of birth control is wrong, but I believe that there are definite circumstances when it would be an option that is definitely up to the individual. How is this a decision that the state of North Dakota should be making for us?

Good Lord, I just don’t know what to say. So, if I get raped and don’t know I’m pregnant before six weeks, I have to carry the child to term? If a relative molests me and no one finds out before I’m six weeks’ pregnant, I have to carry the child to term?

I can’t believe this just happened in 2013. I’m so embarrassed and disgusted. Get barefoot and pregnant if you’re a woman in North Dakota. Clean the house, cook the meals, stay at home, take care of the babies, and that’s it. You have no rights.