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Neil Schloesser, Fargo, Published March 30 2013

Letter: The laws of God are always changing

Regarding Ken Sim’s March 22 letter, God’s laws change all the time. Just go to any bookstore and see all the different Bibles, each one a different interpretation. Each Bible is a change to God’s laws. Look at the pope. As God’s representative on Earth, the pope’s word is infallible, and yet this infallible word of the Holy See changes from pope to pope and era to era.

Look at all the world’s religions. If one believes most people believe in the same God, then God’s laws are as numerous as there are people. Turn on the television – every preacher has a different interpretation of the Bible. Every century and epoch, people interpret the Bible and thus God’s laws differently. The only constant thing about God’s laws is change.

And as far as gay marriage being an extreme position, that shows a willful ignorance of history. I have read your holy book; you should read mine, like history and science textbooks.