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Published March 29 2013

What’s in a name? Sometimes it can be a clue to what kind of job you’ll have

FARGO – Some folks seem to be born for their job.

Joe Hammers is one.

“We were probably destined to be contractors,” said Hammers, general manager of Perham, Minn.-based Hammers Construction Inc.

Hammers have been in construction a long time. Joe’s grandfather and grandmother started the business more than 50 years ago, and Joe is now in the process of buying it from his father and uncle.

The Hammers aren’t the only folks in the area whose names seem perfect for the work they do. But while some inherit the perfect name for their job, attorney Julie Lawyer married hers.

“It’s very fun,” said Lawyer, assistant attorney general for North Dakota and special assistant to the U.S. attorney.

Her maiden name is Sorge, and she said her husband was fine with her keeping that. But she couldn’t pass up the profession-appropriate moniker, Lawyer.

“I just think it’s cool that people refer to me as Attorney Lawyer,” she said.

Speaking of fun, what about Dr. Will Tickel, a chiropractor who practices in Moorhead?

People from out of state sometimes see his sign and call him “just to see if it’s truly a person,” Tickel said.

Others take pictures of the office door that bears his name. Others actually stop into the office to see “if there really is a person,” he said.

The grin-inducing name has earned him mentions on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno several times.

Tickel, himself, also enjoys it.

“It’s a great name for my profession,” he said.

Bruce Spiller has another appropriate name for his profession. He’s a civil engineer who primarily works with large-scale (wait for it) water-related projects and serves as project delivery manager for the Fargo-Moorhead Area Diversion Project.

“You work in water for 30 years like I have and with a name like that, and it’s going to come up every once in a while,” the Fargo resident said, “and usually when there’s something going on with water being spilled. You know, in my job usually we’re trying not to spill water.”

But it’s always good-natured, Spiller said.

Here’s a look at other people from our region whose jobs and names may give you reason to smile.