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Milo Buchholz, Fingal, N.D., Published March 29 2013

Letter: April Fools’ Day a kick in butt?

February 2013 is history, but from following rocketry since 1993, more history just may be in the making when the shock rings from that huge meteor that hit Russia in the middle of February. Breaking some 1,300 windows, that rock broke a law of the Earth like none other that we have witnessed in our lifetimes, to my knowledge.

All rocket fanatics know that blasting into space and breaking the sound barrier causes erratic and destructive weather some six weeks after any rocket blasting out or space junk, meteors and/or space returning vehicles.

From all the Alberta clippers that were reported in North Dakota (it seemed every other day for a couple of weeks), gives evidence that those clippers were the direct result of the above- mentioned weather disturbers.

Historically, nature will not do that unless it is disturbed. A large area will be a big storm or rain that was general and then be over for several days and not every other day, which is totally consistent with the above mentioned.

So, according to my calculations, around April 1, some area will be hammered by erratic and unseasonable weather (depending on, of course, what kind of pattern nature was in when that rock came to Earth). Historically, when Russia rocketed and returned to Earth, we here in North Dakota received a few weeks of nice weather. Six weeks after the shuttle blasted off, we received erratic, wet and unseasonably cool weather.

So, April Fools’ Day could really be a big joke on several people, but a kick in the butt by nature and not man – that man, for once, did not antagonize.

Buchholz is a certified organic farmer.